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Aug 25 2015

French Agent appointed

John Foster is delighted to announce that Charles Flavell has been appointed to represent John Foster, Charles Clayton, William Halstead and Reid & Taylor for the French market

Mr Flavell has many years experience of working with the French Design houses. Starting with the Winter collection he will be visiting customers with the new fabrics and designs.

David Gallimore, managing director of Luxury Fabrics, said: “Our businesses will benefit from this new partnership which will allow us the better service the high customer requirements of this important market.”

Mr Gallimore said ongoing investment in new cloths, designs and colours coupled with a global reputation for excellence has created a collection that is very suitable for Europe.

“Our success in this incredibly competitive market is down to an ability to consistently produce innovative designs and to reliably exceed our clients’ quality and delivery requirements,” he said.

Charles Flavell 44 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris, France Telephone 1 44619770