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Fine fabrics make fine garments

Every season we delight customers just like yours. Our two collections are born out of blending insight into key trends with experience, instinct and creative flair. The result for you, each Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, is a choice of men’s and women’s fabrics that speaks of the history, heritage and tradition of John Foster. With modern designs and finishes these fabrics perform how you and your customer need them to.

Our Spring/Summer collection blends mohair, silk and linen with worsted wool. Cloth weights are from 220 to 280 grammes.

Our Autumn/Winter collection is made from fine micron wools blended with cashmere and other noble fibres with weights from 270 grammes to 330 grammes.

We’ve also six supported ranges:

  • Super 120’s worsted and cashmere
  • Super 150’s worsted
  • Super 200’s worsted and cashmere
  • Summer kid mohair
  • Super 120’s worsted, black formal wear
  • The Escorial collection

We can provide a range of finishes to meet your requirements. From highly technical, antibacterial and water resistant finishes to the ultimate suiting finish, London Shrunk: a technique used in some of the world’s finest tailoring for almost 100 years.

We'd love to show you our collections and what's inspired them this year. Contact us is you'd like to find out more or discuss our fabrics.

Meet our team

David Gallimore - Managing Director

David Gallimore

Managing Director

Matthew Simpson - Sales Director

Matthew Simpson

Sales Director

Sam Hellewell - Head of Design

Sam Hellewell

Head of Design