Past and present

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Generations Woven Together

Every landscape bestows its own special characteristics on the people and the products that come from it. This is what the French winemakers call ‘terroir’.

The rugged, hilly landscape of West Yorkshire has been home to John Foster for nearly 200 years, and the people of this area are textile people and it shows in the quality of the product they produce. Even the water is a key character in the story; as it flows through the millstone grit of the Yorkshire Dales it becomes the softest in the country, a vital part of the finishing of your fine fabrics.

Generation after generation of craftsmen have honed the skills, many pioneered by John Foster himself, that ensure your fabric looks superb and works fantastically. Today we’re still passing on these key skills and knowledge to the newest and youngest members of our team. They’ll be the future of our business continuing to blend traditional skills and values with a modern approach to textile design and manufacture, and providing you with the kind of products you need to be successful.

As well as these skills we’ve introduced new yarns and the latest weaving techniques, added to the innovative finishing skills to create high performance and luxurious fabrics to satisfy the varied demands of your customers.

In these safe hands the John Foster name is well-set to continue to deliver fine fabrics for customers like you for another 200 years.