Quality Standards

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Quality today and everyday

The ethos of quality exists in everyone in our business, we insist on it.

But quality doesn’t just appear and maintaining it is crucial. How can we be confident that quality approach will remain in your cloth? Because before dispatch every piece is checked by our rigorous Quality Assurance team for finish, handle, design and shade. We leave nothing to chance and assume nothing either.

In addition, since 2009 John Foster has been part of the leading textile group in the United Kingdom which brings many benefits including the opportunity for us to have oversight of the whole production process.

Our parent, SIL Holdings Limited, is a specialist in sourcing the highest quality wool, mohair, and cashmere fibre. Also within the group are a specialist dyer and cloth finisher and a state of the art weaving operation. This means that John Foster has access to the finest quality raw materials and the most innovative manufacturing and finishing capabilities in the United Kingdom.

With so much heritage and tradition in the company, it would be easy to become complacent. However, if we are to do justice to the company that still bears the John Foster name, we have to constantly be looking for ways to improve and innovate through raw materials, weaving techniques and the use of finishing, whilst still providing you with the quality of product you deserve.